Thursday, January 6, 2011

Computer Blue: The Sequel

Still no word on my web site. I got a fun pat answer from godaddy that was basically just a cut and paste from their FAQ and didn't help. Apparently, according to Chris, this is not uncommon since most people don't check the FAQs before bugging customer support. Regardless, I still don't have a site and I'm starting to get really worried about having to completely redesign/reconstruct the whole thing. I'm hoping Chris can tear himself away from his computer game tonight to look at it for me. (I'm normally not such a nudge, but he promised me he would look at it last night, so in not doing so, it just prolongs my agony.)

Work hasn't been much better today. I completed a couple of big, non-computer related projects, and just about the time when I was ready to start up again with a new batch of projects, our e-mail server goes down. Yikes. Yesterday it was our donor database being down for a half a day that basically had me with one hand tied behind my back, and now this today. It's pretty unreal how dependent we become on computers, especially at work. And I would imagine that I'm on the extreme low-end of computer dependency; I'm just glad I don't need it for friends and a social life. If anything, I actually would like to spend more time on the computer reading various blogs and writing more. Well, that was part of my resolution for this year, so we'll see how that goes.

So, it's been a dog day afternoon, and I may just watch that very movie tonight; it just popped up on Netflix Instant. I'm so determined to get through the IMDB 250 this year (finally) after years of treading water and rewatching movies while friends catch up, but now that I've been hunkering down to watch some of the movies I'm finding myself backpedaling because I'll watch 1 or 2 movies and cross them off the list, but then it changes and adds 3 more movies I hadn't seen and movies I have seen fall off the list, and I'm back to square one. A week ago I had 30 movies to go, now I have 32. How about them apples?

Regardless of what goes down tonight, I'm gong to kick it out of here an hour early, at 4, go home and relax a bit and then make some kind of yummy pasta bake something or other for dinner. Basically, I have a vat of homemade marinara I made a couple of days ago, various dried pastas and a couple of different cheeses I shredded in the food processor the other day, so I'm sure I can come up with something. Then, depending on what Chris is in the mood for (hopefully not a fight) it will be more Bones catchup or a movie. Either way, it's semi win-win.

Now, if I could just get my damned web site dilemma straightened out...

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