Monday, July 6, 2009

Same As It Ever Was

Haven't blogged in a while, and I made this realization today when I was thinking about what I had to do tonight and thought, "Oh, I should definitely do a blog post before bed so that I can have a perfect record in July" then realized that it was already the sixth of July. Whoops.

Nothing huge has happened anyway, I've been settling into kind of a general malaise, though it's actually not a bad thing; rather it's been kind of nice. I think because my day to day at work is so scattered, hectic and vaguely stressful, depending on the day, that coming home, relaxing for an hour, cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner and then spending two and a half hours (or more) doing whatever is kind of a welcome rut to be in right now. The kitchen thing has been working out famously, and I'm sure that Chris has been pleased with the home cooked meals (though in trying to stay on a decent food budget we've been doing a lot of pasta dishes, which I'm sure will get old for him, fast - which means I have an excuse to consult some of my cookbooks.) Other than that the rest of the house has been okay, though there are a few more things that need to get done before we do our first real get together here, which I'm hoping can be done in the next couple of weeks. Chris has to do battle with the landlord because the dishwasher is STILL not fixed, so I did some research online and found that new ones are not that bad, so he's going to see if we can just buy it and deduct it from our rent. I don't mind not having a dishwasher, but the sinks are really small so I end up doing dishes in shifts, which is super annoying.

Chris' Mom is in the hospital with heart issues. He got the call on Saturday that she had gone into the ICU. It seems that she's going to be okay but she's still there for one more night. His family is so insular and dependent on each other (though Chris really isn't) that I am curious to see how they handle all of this. In other news, Grandpa Hanlon had to be moved from his assisted living home to a full time care facility because his body is just completely failing him. His mind is, as well - the dementia is exacerbating everything. It's been very difficult on the family, especially Kathy, who has to balance her busy life with being there for her parents and the rest of the family. She's really lucky to have Dad though, who will do anything to help.

Speaking of Dad and Kathy we had a fantastic evening on the 4th. There was no barbeque planned, but I kind of ended up inviting myself over to hang out with them, so we ate brats and fresh fruit and just sat around and talked for about four hours. Then the three of us met up with Matt at the Times Cinema and we did a special private screening of MST3K shorts after the theater closed. I absolutely loved doing that and really had a great and memorable time. I just love my family so much - I consider my brother to be my best friend and my parents are so fantastic. If I weren't normally such a cynic and dry-humored I would really think I was a gushy nerd, but it all comes from a good place.

And speaking of Matt I don't think I'll be seeing much of him this week because his old roommate from Philly is coming to town to see some St. Louis games, but that's okay - I think that some time this week I'm going to try to watch a couple of IMDB list movies, since I kind of temporarily disbanded the Film Club for lack of interest. I haven't heard from Jay in ages, which seems weird - there haven't been any emails or anything, so who knows what's up with him. It seems like I'm always the initiator with him (and frankly, with other people too, which is part of the reason why I disbanded FC) so I'm just going to let him make contact with me at this point, and if indeed there is something wrong, he'll tell me eventually. If not, I guess he's just busy with Amanda and life.

That about catches things up. I'm going to have an extremely challenging week at work that I'm not really looking forward to but we'll see how things go. It's all becoming a rather elaborate juggling act.