Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A post about nothing. No really, it is.

Boy, did I completely misjudge this whole iTunes thing I decided to start at 8:30 pm tonight. Chris has been finally cleaning out his office and he's managed to find a few different things of mine in the process. Tonight he presented me with a stack of CDs that had apparently come out of my car at one point, so I started loading them onto my iTunes and snagging certain songs for my playlist (which keeps growing and growing and...) but man, each CD takes about 20 minutes.

For someone who is completely inept at technology, I'm really impatient when I actually deal with it, apparently.

Work was a little better today but I took the cheap way out and mostly worked on superficial tasks that had to get done but were quick n' dirty and made my desk look a whole lot better at 5pm than it did at 8am. However, now I have the meaty and mostly unpleasant stuff to tackle tomorrow, so that should be a challenge.

I'm starting to second guess having merely turtle cheesecake ice cream and a handful of pretzels for dinner tonight. Oh well, too late now.

And finishing up Lauryn Hill, on to Run-DMC.

And thus ends my post about nothing. Seinfeld, I'm not.

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