Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 Milwaukee Film Festival - Day 7

Saturday, October 1 - Day Seven
(well, for me... it's day 10 of the festival)

I'm really slow moving this morning.  It doesn't help that the Brewers are playing their first playoff game this afternoon and here I am sitting down to a 4 hour movie.  Ugh.  I hope it's good!

I skipped the festival last night because I just needed a break.  Unfortunately, I chose a night that was going to have at least two good movies, and I was kind of regretting it all night.  But I think it was all for the best because I got to bed at a decent hour and am not going into a full weekend of movies with reviews to write.  The goal for this weekend, in order to keep on track with finishing my reviews on Monday, is to get as much writing done between films as possible so I just have to write a couple and flesh out the rest.  Chris and I have a date to watch City Lights Monday night and I intend to keep it.  I'm going to have so much work to do this week in order to make up for my week off and then my "real" vacation I'm taking the following week. 

Ballot speech again.  Doesn't this woman ever take time off?


Well, that sucked.  On the schedule, that colossal movie was supposed to go until 4pm, however we got out at 5pm, giving me 15 minutes between movies after sitting through a 5 hour film.  That's great.  Really good for my review writing too - I was really counting on that time between movies to write, instead I was running around just to slip into a screening that, for some reason, is packed.  I really hope THIS movie is good because I was thinking of calling it a day about 10 minutes ago.  I'm also starting to wonder why, if the ball speech, etc. is going to go on for five minutes, that they don't start out earlier? Bah.  I'm crabby.  But I can hear other people bitching about that last movie too...haha.


So I decided to do a slight change of plans based on the little time snafu this afternoon.  Though I would much rather see Sound of Noise at 9:30, I'm going to skip that and see the animated shorts program instead since reviews of those are usually limited to about three sentences or less.  Yikes, I'm starting to feel the pressure now - so much for zen!


Hey, I won a $50 gift certificate to a spa at the last screening, based on having seen the most films so far out of the audience.  Hey, I would take some public nerd humiliation for an unused Kleenex, so I wasn't going to pass this one up.

This has been a really rough day and I would love to bag the shorts program, but I just can't since I'm skipping a film I wanted to see in favor of doing something practical.  So, in I go.


Of course, when my goal was to have something easy to review, I get the ballot for the shorts program and there were 11 freakin' shorts on it.  Argh.  And most weren't real notable either.  I'm going home and laying face down and not moving until I have to.

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