Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 Milwaukee Film Festival - Day 8

2011 Milwaukee Film Festival - Day Eight (Final Day)

So I decided to embark on my last day early so I could finish my reviews from yesterday.  When I pulled in the parking lot I was the only car here, and when I looked up next after writing for a while the lot was full.  LOL concentrate much?

So it's the last day of the festival and I've had a great time and seen some good movies.  But I'm definitely wiped after trying to balance seeing films, home life and writing reviews quickly enough so I can get it done before returning to work on Tuesday.  I can't deny that I've felt a little isolated, despite being surrounded by people.  I love films so much and love nothing more than talking about them, but it's a lot more fulfilling when you're discussing them with someone you actually saw the film with. 

Though I'm tired and have a ton of writing to do, I'm working on seeing all five movies today, because that will make 30 films seen, and if I don't get a round number in, that makes my OCD itch! 


Really nice crowd for the shorts program, and it's a really mixed bag, which is kind of fun.  Shorts programs seem to traditionally attract a younger crowd, so it's refreshing to see a fair amount of "seasoned" members in the audience.

I'm alert, but man, when I looked at the clock and saw it was just 2:25 I really have to wonder how I'm going to make it through four more movies and 10 more hours...yikes.  Water may have to be substituted for some good old fashioned caffeine.  Unfortunately, Marcus Theatres have Pepsi products and fountain-served Diet Pepsi is akin to drinking a soda that's had ice melting in it for three hours, so maybe not.  Anyway, I'm boring myself with this conversation so I'm going to sit back and see if I can eavesdrop on a more interesting conversation...

Bonus!  A woman behind me just shrieked because she spilled cheese on herself less than two minutes after her husband brought her nachos.  I knew if I paid attention something more entertaining than me would happen.

Sorry, but thank god this is my last day of the sponsor trailer.  Man.


I didn't get a chance to blog before my last movie because I was joined by my boss and her husband.  Our company sponsored the screening of the 4:30 movie, and while it was well attended, it was unfortunately a mediocre movie.  It was nice actually talking to someone though (even people who choose to be anti-social crave companionship sometimes) and I genuinely really like her so it was really nice.

Just two movies to go.  Now I just have to keep the sound of my stomach growling from overpowering the sound of the film.  I'm kind of looking forward to returning to what I had previously deemed my boring rut of workworkwork, come home, zone.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Ah yes, my day was just further made by hearing one 60 year old woman say to the other, "Give me knucks!"  LMAO

Let's get this show on the road!  Every single screening was late today and I'm running on fumes so this cannot move on fast enough.


Just made my last trek to my car from the North Shore Cinemas for quite some time.  Great theater, but I overstayed my welcome by just a bit.  The last screening went well, and since it was a Japanese film about the yakuza, it was populated by 20-something guys who undoubtedly still live at home, one of which let out a huge fart in the middle of the film.  Klassy with a capital K.  Time to drive home (I won't miss this drive, either) collapse and get up the next morning to do some cram writing. 

Good times.

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