Monday, August 12, 2013


I tend to use the word "hate" lightly... I hate baked beans, I hate the sun in my eyes, etc.  but rarely do I feel a pure hatred as much as I hate my upstairs neighbors.  First of all, there are six people up there in a three bedroom place, and four of them are children under the age of 13.  Secondly, they are so inconsiderate with the amount of noise they make; stomping, screaming, pounding, and a television with a subwoofer that is right on the floor above where I sit and blaring.

Seriously, tonight there was so much going on up there that I finally got up, went outside and rang the doorbell.  Of course, there was no answer.  So I stood under their window and yelled "You have neighbors!"  That worked for about 5 minutes... Now there's no stomping because they're watching a movie that's all rumble and so loud I can't hear my own TV.  There's a million other issues with hem, but that's just the issue du jour.

I give up.  This should inspire me to save more so I/we can get a house where we don't have to worry about this.  That brings up a whole 'nother can of issues, but saving money isn't a bad thing regardless.

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