Friday, August 9, 2013

Blogging is not my friend...

...but it will be!

This is my valiant attempt to work on the blogging thing.  What I really wanted to do was pretend that I don't have gaping holes in my blogging history and start a new blog, but hey, what fun would that be?  Plus, what the hell would I do with all of my review and film festival blogging histories?  Meh.  I'll go the sloppy but responsible route.

So yeah, dusting off the keyboard, cracking my knuckles and getting back in the swing of writing.  I once asked Augusten Burroughs what his best advice would be for a fledgling writer who has the desire, but not the discipline to write, and he told me to write every day.  Even if it's for 5 minutes, write every day. 

So that's my promise.  It may be gibberish, it may be inane, but I'm going to dedicate a minimum of 5 minutes a day to ye olde blog. 

Unfortunately, 5 minutes is about all the time I have at the moment, but I'm excited to quickly share some 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival news:  My vacation days are set, and today I applied for my credentials.  As exhausted as I always am by the end of the festival, I'm always so excited for it to happen every year, and 2013 is no exception.  I'm not sure what the venues will be yet, and I don't think they're releasing the program schedule for at least another month, but they did announce that their country focus will be Germany, so that's pretty awesome.  I don't remember ever being disappointed with any German films I've seen.  Here's a link to the Passport Germany program.  I'm particularly excited that Wings of Desire will be shown.  I hope Chris will join me for that one (and maybe another one or two films!)

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