Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Milwaukee Film Festival - Day 3

Monday, September 26 - Day Three

First I'm sitting and listening to inane conversations while waiting in line for the screening, now I have to sit and listen to more behind me.  Now I remember why I can't stand small talk, especially around strangers.  /antisocial

I'm just crabby because today started out really badly when I was all set to start writing the nine reviews I had to work on from over the weekend, but then experienced technical difficulties not only with my blog but other websites I use for my reviews.  After giving up on that and realizing that I was going to have to count the working day as a complete loss I settled down in front of the DVR and pouted for a while before coming to the theater. 

I was actually going to skip tonight in order for Chris, my computer-savvy boyfriend to magically fix everything and then get started on writing, but he essentially banned me from the house because he had to get some things done, one of which was watching The Secret In Their Eyes, which was our film club's pick for the week.  And since I picked that movie, and it was awesome, I had to support him, so here I am at the theater for three screenings... and looking down the barrel of a really late night since we won't be able to start on the fixes until midnight, when I get home. 

Anyway, there's a good sized crowd for the first film, which is encouraging since it is scheduled during work hours, on a Monday to boot. 


So I'm riding high after a great 5pm film, and I had the rare opportunity to be able to spend a little time outside and away from the crowds before the next film, which is turning out to have a really good sized crowd.  Unfortunately, there's a coughing and sniffling kid sitting right behind me who is clearly not covering her mouth or blowing her nose, so I will be wearing my turtleneck collar above my nose for the remainder of the film.  Ugh.  I just got over two colds in the last month and I'm no dummy - in line between screenings, I've been staring at the poster for Contagion, the film whose ending is now being spoiled for me by the infected kid's dad.  Thanks, jackass.


It stuns me how many people are pronouncing Bud Selig's name wrong.  What the hell?  In the same what the hell category, why are we starting a 9:30 screening at 9:50?  They didn't even start seating us until 9:35, and I was in this auditorium for the last screening so I know there was at least 20 minutes to clean up.  I've noticed that more than a few of the screenings I've been to have started late, which just grows tiresome after you've been at a theater for several hours by that point.  Oh well.  The film I'm about to see is about being happy, so I'll stop grousing enough to try to enjoy it.

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