Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And so the Oscar movies continue...

Going to the Oriental tonight with Chris and Jay to see The Messenger, then I'm catching a last minute matinee of The Lovely Bones tomorrow before it disappears into budget theater hell. Friday is a matinee of Avatar with Jay and then I presume Chris and I will be seeing The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus over the weekend.

I managed to find one screening of The Fantastic Mr. Fox the day before the Oscars air. So, other than fitting in The Blind Side at the Times, (which I may just deal with tomorrow night if I'm up for it) the Oscar Shorts (which should be at the Times before the end of the month) and finding a reasonable showing of The Last Station, I think I've seen everything I possibly can in the theater. Then I just have to watch the few films I've gotten on DVD: Coraline, In the Loop, Coco Before Chanel and Il Divo, all of which I want to see anyway, other than Coraline. I'm just kicking myself for not having taken advantage of see The Princess and the Frog when it was at the Times. Oh well.

Once again, the foreign film category is completely left out due to lack of availability, which is a shame since I never go back to watch them months later. I think the one exception will be The White Ribbon. But, all in all I think this is my most thorough year in recent memory and it's been fun. It's also been fun watching Jay be so thorough with the list. At this point, I think he may have seen more than I have.

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