Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoroughly Maudlin Shelly...

Maybe it's because I'm laying in bed right now feeling sorry for myself because I have a bad cold, or it could be the aftermath of sitting through Avatar, or it could even be the fact that I just heard that we are having ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow night in time for a crappy Konday commute to work.

Regardless of the reason, I'm feeling blue and starting to actually crack myself up with my irrationity; like, the reason I thought to write this short post - I am starting to feel bummed that my classic film viewing has all but disappeared during these 5 weeks between the announcement of the Oscar nominations and the awards ceremony. I've at least been tapig a couple of films off of TCM on the DVR for later, but it IS distressing to me that all of my reviews have been for current films lately.

I think after the Oscar dust settles I may do some fun classic film bundles or something; maybe watch all of the films I haven't seen by favorite directors, one at a time or something.

Okay, ending pathetic blog whining. Time for some "real life" whining.

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