Monday, February 1, 2010

A Great Film Weekend

I had some great film experiences over the weekend: Chris and I drove an hour to Madison to visit the Sundance theater and saw three movies; Broken Embraces, A Single Man and Crazy Heart. One was better than the other two, and one ended up being a bit of a letdown, but my reviews are forthcoming.

Sunday was spent doing a general lounge-around fest, and then I finally watched Death of a Cyclist, which was amazing.

I hope to finish some reviews up today so that I can watch some more movies this week. I'm finding that if I make time to sit down and watch a film a couple of times during the work week, it makes things so much more endurable. Maybe I'll even be able to talk Chris into watching one with me - we'll see. :)


Tom said...

Did you pay for all three movies?

Or do you do what i like to do: pay for one and sneak in to the other theaters?! ha ha.

The Cinemaphile said...

You know, I've been known to do that, but the seats in the Sundance Theaters are reserved, so I would be busted IMMEDIATELY! :)

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