Monday, June 22, 2009

Frigid Air

Jeff and Chris are currently messing with the room air conditioners which are going in Chris' office (he tried justifying it to me and after awhile I basically said, "And how much was the air conditioner that I'm actually going to pay half of...?") and the kitchen. The idea is that the kitchen one is going to cool down the rest of the place with the cunning use of fans. I'll feel it when I believe it, but all I know is I came home and it was all I could do to not slither on my belly toward the back bedroom (and its new fan) like the Grinch.

I did indeed attempt to do SOMETHING with the kitchen at least, even without the benefit of an air conditioner or the cunning use of fans, but it seems that part of the problem we are experiencing with the broken dishwasher has caused the hot water to not be so hot and really is more of a cold trickle. So much for attempting to wash the dishes that have accumulated in the sink. The good news is... ta-DA! our dishwasher is allegedly getting fixed tomorrow. I cannot freakin' wait. The bad news is that Jeff ended up coming over and busted me watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I was so embarrassed that I just went, "YES I'M WATCHING JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT!" Ugh. I've never seen a more drawn out separation/divorce in my life. The whole "will they or won't they" thing isn't just tacky in sitcoms when it comes to characters who are going to sleep together and cause the show to jump the shark - it apparently is just as appropos for TLC reality shows about people getting divorced as well. Just do it already, christ. Everyone will live, Jon will get laid by some college student while bar-hopping, Kate will maybe find that her life actually isn't so bad and she shouldn't have been channeling and they'll all make millions. A truly heartwarming end to a true 21st century family.

In bad news, I guess my Dad has to have some kind of gum surgery tomorrow, which is never pleasant. In true Dad form, he didn't let on about this one bit yesterday when I was over there for Father's Day; instead I heard about it from Kathy via her new iPhone. (By the way, I hope I can love a non-breathing object someday as much as she loves that iPhone - I think it's adorable.) Anyway, Dad's having surgery, doesn't want to make a big deal out of it, and doesn't want any of us to do anything for him. I suspect I will be bringing some soft foods to him in the future. I called Matt to tell him and I think he was half-listening, which kind of pissed me off, but whatevs. No big deal. I just forwarded the e-mail and called it a night. I can't qualify any feelings I'm having today, happy, sad, good, crappy, whatever because I am just overall pissed off due to a limited number of sleep, hot weather and general malaise mixed with frustration over feeling like I haven't accomplished anything that isn't work-related lately so I'm just letting everything roll off my back today and tonight like they are do-overs so I don't overreact to something that just isn't there. And I STILL haven't written my freakin' Angels and Demons review. I think I just need to take like, twenty minutes tomorrow and just bang it out. I don't want to start populating the blog with other reviews until I start that one.

LOL I just overheard Chris say to Jeff in the kitchen, "And that's LOW speed!" so I think that things are looking up. That's a nice thought to go to sleep to.

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