Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The road to hell is paved with something something...

Samuel Johnson be damned, I had every intention of coming home after the movie tonight and writing my review for Angels and Demons but a comfy chair, a couple of episodes of The Daily Show from the DVR and getting some good face time with Chris later, it's bed time for this Bonzo already. So hopefully I will get my review written tomorrow.

Good intentions plagued me at work today as well, though I did find that I was able to get more accomplished than I thought I would, by knocking out a couple of items off my project list, albeit small items. This month has been a challenge because I didn't really get more than a couple of days rest from proofing the paper since the editor is going out of town and (understandably) wants to put as much of July's paper to bed before she leaves as she can. I'll hopefully get to a couple more things tomorrow without too much interruption.

On a final note tonight, I have to say that I'm really enjoying this new summer tradition that seems to be building of going to the Times with my parents and brother once a week to see a film. It's great to see my parents on a regular basis, and what better venue and activity for us, since movies are such a big part of our lives. I also had to go and play the big sister lecturing my brother while I drove him home tonight though - I just worry that he's going to burn himself out between work and obligations to everyone he knows. He had a couple hours free today during the day so instead of just relaxing he came over and moved the old stove downstairs, among other things. The good news about that is that it's done and now Chris and I can put the kitchen together (finally) this weekend. The bad news is that I feel badly that he's putting so much on his plate. Hopefully he'll get a more solid work schedule going and won't have to be doing so much outside stuff after a couple of weeks.

Hopefully I'll post my first review here tomorrow. Too bad it's for Angels and Demons.

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