Saturday, June 27, 2009

I do not like the cone of shame

Well, as per the norm I got no DVR movie viewing done and even less done around the house. However, it is all worth it because I ended up having a really nice day with my brother.

It started this morning when he came by and we went to Gamestop to pick up the latest Guitar Hero (nerds) and then I treated him to some lunch. He then came back to the house where we proceeded to "rock out" for about an hour and a half after which I sat around for a bit and then futzed on the computer before taking a great hour-long nap (but I had the most bizarre dream where I had a really bad brace job on my teeth and I had all of these wires poking out - I even woke up and felt my teeth, strange). Then he and I went to see "Up" which was one of the most charming films I've seen. I really can't stand animation, unless it's something like Miyazake or some anime (and even that is limited to like, 4 titles I like out of the tens of thousands that are out there) and Pixar is particularly annoying to me. However, this was a great movie and I laughed so hard I cried and cried so hard I was afraid I was going to embarass myself and my brother. Hopefully I'll get to the review today or tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a nice day and it put me in good spirits for when Chris came home with the groceries, and we set about putting them all away right away and cleaning out the fridge. He's already promised me that we would work on the kitchen tomorrow so that should be really nice to do. I'd like to do some weekend prep so we can have easy meals this week.

Speaking of Chris, it's kind of cute that he's sitting in his office watching Michael Jackson videos on the computer.

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