Friday, June 19, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again

As if the flash flooding we had last night wasn't enough, here comes another round of a torrential downpour.

Pizza's ghetto car's window won't go up all the way, so Chris and Jeff spent the night trying to work on it in our garage while Pizza was at work... to no avail. So it was pretty much a waste of a Friday night.

I should have been writing or something but all I could do was sit in my chair in the living room catching up on my DVR'd programs that were a half hour long since I had absolutely no idea how long any of this was going to be. At some point I just have to start doing my thing and if something comes along to interfere the hell with them/it.

Time for bed, but first I have to investigate some really odd sounds coming from the kitchen - I thought it was Atticus screwing around but when I yelled at her I looked down and she was looking up at me like, "What, Mom? Geez!" And since making loud metallic noises isn't normally Matisse's milieu I'd better check it out.

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Rupert Alistair said...

I'm curious to know if you were ever able to dig into that pile of unwatched DVD's you talked about. ;) Good luck with that. At least that will be a most enjoyable endeavor.


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